Hej, my name is Lucas.

I craft all sorts of visual stuff with passionate people who love what they do. Like me. I feel especially comfortable creating for screens, but I’m driven to explore, learn and experiment across all kind of media. Basically I’m simply obsessed with form and function, texture and material.

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Learning Arduino /pt.1

I’ve wanted to tinker with an microcontroller since I first heard of it during my studies back in the days, but I was always missing a specific idea I would consider worth pursuing. Up to now. Inspired by the Bachelor Thesis from my colleague Tobias Wolf I finally got some rough ideas and a potential use case I want to test out.

photo: Arduino Uno Rev.3, Shield-EKG-EMG and supplies

I love the idea to experiment with electrophysiological data. For one thing, I’ve never done anything with this type of data before and secondly, I really dig the idea to use such an extremely raw and natural input together with some tech for something ‘artistic’, so I gathered all the necessary hardware I need to start crafting. At its core:

  • an Arduino Uno Rev.3
  • an Elegoo Electronic Fun Kit I bought for the Breadboard, the cables, the LEDs and all the other bits
  • an Olimex Shield-EKG-EMG to convert incoming electrophysiological signals for the Arduino
  • a basic EKG-EMG-cable with some matching GEL electrodes to pick up electrophysiological signals

That’s it for the kick-off already. I’ll keep you updated on my progress, more details on what I have planned down the road with my Arduino will probably follow soon.

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