Hej, my name is Lucas.

I craft all sorts of visual stuff with passionate people who love what they do. Like me. I feel especially comfortable creating for screens, but I’m driven to explore, learn and experiment across all kind of media. Basically I’m simply obsessed with form and function, texture and material.

This is my personal blog. For more information about why I started it and
what content to expect from future articles, check out my very first post.

Enjoy! 🖖

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Status update

It has been three months since I published something on this still fairly new blog, so it’s about time for a brief update with a little recap what caused – or at least what happened while – this radio silence.

Work, work.

I’ve been working at Wagnerwagner for more than five years now — a subject for another article, but I’ve never worked on a more ambitious project with a tighter time schedule than the one we finished in september. At times pretty much the complete agency worked concurrent on this project and I – amongst others – did a whole bunch of extra hours to get it ready to launch in time.

I won’t go into any details about the project itself, but to sum it up; It was a super stressfull yet very educational period of time, leaving not much time or even brain capacity for pretty much anything else besides work.

»This is your party, everyone came«

While said project was still giving me headaches, the preparation for an equally demanding ‘personal project’ entered its crucial phase, too. More than two years after my girlfriend and I got engaged, we finally got married! In August we visited our hometown for our civil ceremony and a small, informal gathering and at the beginning of October we returned once again for a church wedding with a big, wonderful celebration afterwards. On the verge of the latter we had to take a week off from our jobs repeatedly to concentrate on the planning and finally arrange everything. Even the evening before the party we where still piecing stuff together.

It was well worth the hustle in the end, though, because almost everything worked out perfectly like we imagined. Sounds cliche and cheesy, but it truly was the most incredible day of my life! Nearly all of our favourite people came together to celebrate, laugh, dance, and shed some tears of joy with us. But boy that was an intense time upfront.


Newly-married we left for an one-week break – a very short honeymoon – basically to process and recover. I haven’t been to Portugal for about a decade previously and Faro was only the city to arrive at and/or leave from before, but I was pleasantly surprised to be honest. It’s a rather small town, but the city area is nice, there’s a pitoresque historical quarter and a beautiful, extensive city beach not far from town. Admittedly Faro is not as scenic as Lisboa and you propably might get bored if you stay there for multiple weeks — without visiting the nearby Algarve coast, but it’s a perfectly fine place for a short time-out. Escpecially when staying in one of the luxurious four-star hotels with a rooftop pool overlooking the harbour.

But now we’re back and I hopefully have the time and energy to return to a more frequent output. At least there are miscellaneous articles planned out to be published soon(ish). Anyways; Thanks for sticking with me.

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